Repair Services

Here at Blackwater Sports Center, we strive to produce the best repair service

available to our customers.



On average, the typical clean and lube for a freshwater reel starts out at $20.00.

Repairs on freshwater reels are back to you, based on availability of parts, within

1 to 2 weeks.  Unless stated otherwise, every repair is serviced (cleaned and lubed)

while at our location.  During the peak repair season, late winter to early spring, the

length of time can be longer.  Call ahead for an estimate during this time period.


Saltwater reels start at $25.00 for a clean and lube.


Additional things to consider when a reel get serviced, excessive build up of salt and

corrosion can cause the price to go up.  Plus we are at the mercy of the reel companies

to supply replacement parts for reels to us.  Sometimes it can take longer than foreseen to get parts for a reel, this will delay the timetable for the repair and we will give you some estimate when to expect the reel to be finished.



Our flagship location is also set up to repair most of your needs on fishing rods.  Guides

and tips are done on hand by our knowledgeable staff matching up Fuji and Pacific

Bay products to your rod.  Prices vary per repair so call or bring the rod in for

a quote.